Booking Pricing and Information

Tips when Booking:

Our fees are based on a daily charge. Any part of any calendar day that your pet is in residence incurs the daily fee.

Please See our  page for further details.

Cats from the Same Family Sharing

If you are booking two or more cats from the same family to share a room, please note that the cats must be able to eat the same diet. If you have a cat who is on a different diet for medical reasons, then you need to book them a separate room please. Rooms can be interlinked, just let us know. As cats in residence mainly eat overnight we are unable to control different diets in the same room. We are happy to discuss this if required.

Deluxe Penthouses Available to Rent

We have two Luxury Penthouses which are much more spacious with trees and larger outdoor areas. Rates are normal fee plus $4.00 incl. GST per day. There is also one Master Suite which is spacious with a larger outdoor area, the rates for this room are the normal fee plus $3.45 per day. Adjoined inter leading rooms can be offered at the same price as the Master Suite. These are ideal for longer stays or if more space is required.

Current Daily Cattery Fee

Each suite has their own private outdoor porch, which has a climbing frame and deck chair to relax on. Inside we provide bedding, toys and scratch posts for comfort. However you are welcomed to bring their own items if that would make them more comfortable during their stay.

Please note that from the 01st of March 2022 we will have a new price list. Please check our  New Pricing Tab if you are booking for March onwards as you will be charged that price and not the one below 🙂

Any bookings made prior to this date will remain at the old price.

Standard Suite

1 cat – $17.25 per day
2 cats sharing a suite $13.80 each ($27.60)
3 cats sharing a suite $11.50 each (34.50)

Master Suite

1 cat – $20.70 per day

2 cats sharing a Master Suite $15.53 each ($31.05)

3 cats sharing a Master Suite $12.65 each ($37.95)

Luxury Penthouse

1 cat – $21.28 per day

2 cats sharing a Penthouse $15.81 each ($31.63)

3 cats sharing a Penthouse $12.84 each ($38.53)

Discounts scaled based on length of stay

5% Discount for bookings 4 weeks to 39 days
10% Discount for bookings 40 to 60 days
15% Discount for bookings  61 to 180 days
20% Discount for bookings over 6 months

Christmas/New Year booking (12th of December-12th of January)
Due to such a high demand of bookings through the Christmas and New Year period, we require a 50% NON-Refundable deposit to be made at the time of booking.

If you cancel before the 25th of November, we reserve the right to refund you or add as credit to your next stay, Which ever will be easier on you. However, our NON-Refundable Policy stands in place from the 25th of November until the 12th of January.

We are Closed Christmas eve night, Christmas day and boxing day morning. Our hours will return to normal from Boxing day afternoon. Please take this into consideration when booking online.

Please also note: As this is our busy time of year, From the 12th of December until the 12th of January, we will not be taking any bookings less then a 7 day stay.

We do not charge a surcharge for any other public Holiday.

Our Prices INCLUDE GST and payment is required on drop off.

EFTPOS available or payment can be done online (Sorry no Credit Cards)

We provide Royal Canin Sensible biscuits or Royal Canin Kitten biscuits, Excellent quality pine litter, high quality modern, fresh and clean accommodation with plenty of love and cuddles.

Medication: there is an extra charge of a $1.15 per day per cat if medication is needed.

Bank account number for deposits/payments: ASB – 12-3489-0024932-00

Please reference your cats name and surname.