Vaccination Requirements

All cats that come and stay with us here at Harris Hillton Cat Resort needs to be fully vaccinated against Cat Flu. Your vet will choose which vaccination is best for your cat. The most common vaccinations used by vets and noticed by catteries are Nobivac Ducat, Nobivac Tricat or Felocel 3.

It is extremely important before bringing your cat into the cattery that you make sure the vaccinations are up to date. If they are not, they can become very unwell. Cat Flu can be potentially life threatening.

If you can not get this done by the time your cat or kitten comes to stay with us then we will unfortunately have to cancel their booking as we can not allow cats that have not been vaccinated into our cattery.

If you require further information you can give your local vet a call and they will explain everything you need to know.

Please note:

A booking will not be confirmed until a copy of the vaccination record has been emailed to us.