Hi, We use Harris Hilton every time we go away, it is wonderful there in fact I think it’s better than some of the motels my husband and I have stayed in, would certainly recommend this cattery to all you cat lovers.

P Streenstra | 3.5.2012

I just want to say how impressed I am with the wonderful people who run the Harris Road Hilton. They have the most amazing facility, and they truly care for the “guests”. I can definitely recommend this resort. Actually, your cats may not want to go home!

Shelly Ann McKinnon Harris Hillton Cat Resort | Facebook on 14.2.2012

Ping and Pong had a wonderful time, very happy cats, well looked after.

Leanne Sutton | 8.2.2012

After Gizmo and Rocket spending time with you I would never take them anywhere else! You guys are fantastic and I loved the text letting me know that they were happy and settled. 🙂

Stacey Watts | 23.1.2012

Tigga and Millie are super happy and absolutely loved staying there! Thanks for caring for them so nicely!!!! X

Anna Thorpe |23.1.2012

Cinda and Bronson were so well looked after thanks so much to Barbara and Graham!!!!

Angela Lawrence | 12.1.2012

Thank you for taking such good care of Chanel & Prada, they will definitely be back again 😉 x

Raechelle Chase | 32.9.2011

Fetched my ‘muchly missed’ furball Bulgi from HH a little while ago after he spent over 100 days ‘in the house’. He is happy and in purrrrfect condition – Thank you all so much!

Caron Shallish | 22.9.2011

My cats love the harris hilton. 🙂

Cheryl Coutts | 2.9.2011

Thank you so much Barbara, Graham and everyone else at the Harris Hilton resort. Our cats obviously had a great time staying with you for a week, we will definitely be bringing them back when we have our next holiday! :o)

Natalie Moon | 16.8.2011

“Rusty stayed at the Harris Hillton Cat Resort for a week in Dec 2010. He was extremely well looked after and when we went to pick him up he didn’t want to come home! The rooms are very well set up with everything a cat could need. Rusty was spoiled with lashings of TLC. We can thoroughly recommend this lovely cattery.”

Judith & Graeme Colville

Testimonial from Dr Jules Wilson BVetMed MRCVS, and Faye Moore DVN – Northland Veterinary Group.